Use a computer

Wireless network

The library has a wireless network ("Almedalsbiblioteket") which is free of charge. You can connect your own computer to this network. Login information can be collected from the information desk on Level 2 and Level 3. Please bring Your passport or any kind of valid identification.

By using your WIFI account you also accept our rules for using our wireless network. As this is an open network we recommend that you have anti virus software installed and that you activate your computers internal firewall.

Almedalsbiblioteket is not responsible for any intrusion or damage caused by you not following our security guidelines.

Searching for illegal, racist, pornographic and other discriminatory content is prohibited. Network traffic is monitored.
The library staff will not be able to help you with technical questions regarding our wireless network. You must be able to navigate the network settings on your computer to use this service.
If you are a student at Uppsala University - Campus Gotland, use the University network (Eduroam).

Reservable computers

At the library there are several computers for public use. These are located on Level 3. In order to use these computers, you must be registered as a patron at the library. To register, please contact the staff.

In order to reserve a computer, use your patron information to log on to the Netloan booking system and reserve a slot of computer time.
When you have made your reservation, you need to log onto the computer within 5 minutes from the beginning of your time slot, otherwise your reservation will disappear.

If you leave your computer before your time slot expires, finish by clicking the desktop icon "NLShutdown".

The library staff cannot instruct you in managing software on the computers.

Rules for using our computers

  • You must not view pornographic, racist or illegal material. The library will inform the police about suspected illegal use.
  • You must not use anyone else's password or identity
  • It is not permitted to change the wallpaper and other settings on the library computers
  • Take care of equipment and work environment. Leave it in a good condition and report any. errors and damages to staff.
  • Library computers are primarily intended for information in databases and the Internet, as well as for studies. Since computers are a prerequisite to use certain library resources, we may have to restrict other uses such as, for example. games and chat.
  • You are responsible for the use of the computer from when you log on until you log off, even if you temporarily leave the computer.
  • It is not allowed to download the software on our computers.